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The strength and niche of Research Center for Drug Discovery :

1. Link with the Graduate Institute Providing the best biomedical research in Taiwan, National

    Yang-Ming University is the best quality in biomedical field in Taiwan.

2. We have the full set capacity for competitive drug discovery.
     a. The capacity for manipulating molecular biology and protein chemistry.
     b. The integrated interface for chemistry and biology.
     c. The capacity for manipulating primary culture of mammalian cells.
     d. The best capacity for manipulating various animal studies.
3. We already have  5 cooperation experience with industrial in Taiwan.

4. The COE program of the Ministry of Economic titled” Elucidation on the bio-activity and

    mechanism of Chinese herbs : the approaches based on regenerative medicine” was started

    after the hearing held in 2002 (9 pass/67application), and continous in 2006.